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Friends Against Drunk Drinking (among other things)

I spent a couple of hours last night with a great friend, who seems to be on the exact same journey as I am.     So I have to wonder (or wander ’cause I wander in my head) – did we meet for a reason?    Did the big “U” (that would be Universe who is my “God”), drop us in each others paths for a reason?
See, we both struggle with two things – and they are related.    One is alcohol consumption (for the Love of God we love our wine!), and two, our weight.     We are convinced that our love for the Nectar is sabotaging our weight loss journey.     So, we both decided (well she more than I :p) that we will give up our close friend FADD (our name for, let’s just say………..alot of wine) for a more sane life and skinny jeans.  Ok, I’ll spill – it actually means “Friends Against Drunk Drinking”.   You know the times when you’ve had enough, but you keep on thinking wine is your best friend – at the time!   Always seems like a great idea.   AT. THE. TIME.

My point is this – sometimes your closest friends become more than that.   They become your partners, almost life partners.   No, we are not hot for each other, we are both married (to men).   But truly have become life partners.   We have come together to partner on this thing called life and the common challenges that the big U has thrown to us.

Have you ever thought of your friends that way?    Some friends are partners.    Some friends are friends.   Some are B list friends, and well, you know the rest.

Anyway, I leave you to ponder all of this.   But I do have a couple of questions for the e-world:   do you encounter times when you need your FADD friends because you and nectar have become too friendly?   And what do you do about it?   And two, have you ever thought of your friends this way.

Today we are this:



We’ll never be this:



Some day we will be this – but there will likely be ruffles on the bottom of those suits:



Makes me warm in side knowing I have a partner.     “L” this is for you – xo.

It’s a good day.


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