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The Myth of Older and Wiser

I had to press this, as I just had this same conversation with my sister last week.   My question to her was, why do we learn everything we learn when it’s too late?

It seems like that doesn’t it?
Great post!

The Myth of Older and Wiser.


Wandering costs money – they say it doesn’t, but it does!

When I get bored, I wander.      And well this year, the next thing I knew, we bought a triplex.
November is a tough month for me – most years I hit the ditch and fall into a depression, but this year we bought a triplex instead.    I’m happy, but broke.
In all seriousness, we are very excited.    Now comes working with my hubs on the  biggest project of our lives.    There is some structural work, bathrooms to redo, a new roof to put on, a front porch to abolish and re-build.    We’ll hire contractors for that one.

Here is a picture of it from the real estate listing:




See those front porches – they gotta go.   But the good news is, I get to create something new.
Geeesh, I hope I’m as happy about this in December, when November is over, and we actually have to hand the money over.

Anyone else out there landlords?   any advice?






The War on Christmas « My Not So Humble Opinion

Love this Blogger’s opinion on Christmas.  My favorite quote:

“It’s just that my ability to enjoy the Christmas season is inversely proportional to my level of exposure to it.”

Ain’t that the truth!

The War on Christmas « My Not So Humble Opinion.

What to my ‘wandering’ eyes should appear?

Hello Blog-sphere,

I am back.   I have decided to use this as my creative outlet for times when my corporate brain is over stimulated – which is all the time ’cause I’m convinced I was meant to be a singing rockstar (thank you The Voice, for that!) – but I digress.

Wait, let me go grab a glass of Peter Lehman Shiraz – please hold.

Ok, it’s Saturday afternoon at 4:10, I’ve just lit a fire, have obtained said glass of shiraz, and my princess golden is sleeping beside me on the floor.    Life is good isn’t it?

so, here’s my Wanderlust for this week:

– We have put an offer on a triplex and we are about to remove all the conditions after a building inspection tomorrow (gulp).    You see, my wandering mind didn’t think one house in the trendiest neighbourhood in Ottawa was good enough, I thought it would be good to have two.  No stress there!    Jeeezus.    But this one is a rental.   Can hardly take care of myself, however, not sure how I’m going to manage snotty nosed University kids.   Wish me luck.

– A girlfriend and I have decided that we should start a business.    Once again, not that my life isn’t busy enough, but I know, we’re all busy.  Right.    So, we decided that on-line dating is actually really very ridiculous and that it is not the place for 40+ executives who don’t have time to scroll through profiles that are fake anyway, nor do they care to put their pictures online for all of their staff to see.   So, we are contemplating starting a Matchmaking service for Executives.   But this one will be intelligent, will measure Emotional Intelligence, financial stability, real personality traits (yes, you can measure this apparently).    See!  It’s a good idea.    More to follow here.     We believe there is more to a successful relationship than common books, sports or the desire for babies – or NOT!

– I bought a new book about Carb Cycling – has anyone tried this?    Know anything about it?    The guy off one of the Extreme Makeover shows wrote it.    More on this to come.     Of course only the successes – ha!

Now from around the web – here is where my wandering has led me:

– Lauren Scruggs – the miraculous story of the model who walked into the propeller.  She has just released her first book.     Here is an interview on TODAY:

– must say I am a little tired of hearing about Kristen Stewart and what a bad dresser she is:

There are way more important things to talk about like Isreal bombing the Gaza strip.   Man!!   No words.

And, did you know there 37 days, 7 hours and 15 minutes left till that day, Christians call Christmas.    No friggin’ wonder it’s cold out – hellooo!

Well, off for more wine.   And I promised my husband I’d cook dinner if I didn’t have to put the Christmas lights up.    Can you say lazy ass?

Bye for now folks.   Oh, and if you know anything about carb cycling please let me know.


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