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We will never forget her




Wish for next life – thin legs

I decided to make Friday’s my day to whine a bit about how un-thin I am and how if only I were thin, I could wear these awesome outfits.     These are the best of the blogsphere that caught my eye:


my virtual same sex love affair

Where can I get legs like these?

Great Saturday afternoon assemble

nothing to do with skinny legs, but this is why I love September

Ah yes…..

And that would be my must-have-right-now lustful things my friends.      Oh there’s many many more, but perhaps I’ll save that for next Friday.   Or when I dream of having thin legs and being famous again  (that’s not an or, that’s an and). 🙂

Happy Labour Day Friday,


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The one thing I know for sure, is that I love it all…..

“The ink is black.  The page is white.  Together we learn o read and write.

The world is black.  The world is white.   It turns by day.   And then by night.:”

Three Dog Night – who did not love the 70’s??!!  (sigh)   If I could live in the 70’s all the days of my life, I’d be happy.     And to think I was only 10 then.    The decade made a big impression on me – whether it was the music, the fashion, free spirit, Pepsi-Cola (who did not drink boat loads of Pepsi as a kid?), cottage days, hot summer nights, and of course chasing boys on the beach.     You see, I was always a dreamer and a risk taker – I had big ideas, the need to try everything I could get my hands on;  nothing seemed far out of reach.  However, my family came from little means, and the world was very big to my folks, so they did not support having their chicks too far from the next.

Fast forward to today.    I AM the meaning of “Wanderlust”.     My life seems to be one big shiny object.   Truth.     I dream about far away places, cool fashion jobs in big cities, running an apple orchard in Italy (likely from watching Under the Tuscan Sun), sipping wine in Capri, having a furniture restoration business, driving the Number 1 in California, skiing in Aspen (again, have done that once already).   And the list goes on and on.

So perhaps the purpose of my ramblings on this blog is to settle my Wanderlust.   Perhaps if I write about all the wandering I’d like to do, and the shiny objects I want to follow, it will quiet down my wanderlusting mind 🙂

So here’s what I’m lusting over these days:

Please take me away to here:

How cool is this:


Nuff said.

Would this not scare the ba-jezus out of ya?

Some day I will be here:

Okay that is enough wandering for this girl.    Time to hit the back yard with a glass of Cab.   Welcome to my space.    I hope you enjoy it and some of it resonates with you.

Tell me – do you have wanderlust?  or have you ever?    And if you could follow one of your shiny objects, where would you end up?

Happy day,


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